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ImmutableX to Host Search for Animera Debut

  • Unicorn Labs, developers behind the upcoming Play-to-Earn MMORPG Search for Animera, have announced that the game will launch on ImmutableX.
  • The developers plan to use ImmutableX’s zero-knowledge scaling solution and the platform’s other features for its game.

The collaboration with ImmutableX will enable Search for Animera’s developers to ensure players can benefit from the platform’s high-speed transactions, zero gas fee minting and trading, and security. Moreover, Unicorn Labs has shared the partnership will allow them to focus on delivering the game, which has been in production for two years.

A Seamless Intergalatic Journey

In partnership with ImmutableX, Search for Animera plans to leverage the Web3 platform’s Magic Link, a suite of tools that enable developers to make Web3 onboarding as seamless as possible.

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, shared in a press release,

“We’re dedicated to finding the most innovative games to collaborate with to enhance and broaden our web3 ecosystem. Our goal is to bring cutting-edge gaming experiences to players worldwide, and partnerships with projects like Search for Animera bring us closer to achieving that. By seamlessly blending AAA gaming with the speed and scalability of blockchain technology, we’re unlocking a world of new possibilities for gamers in the years to come.”
Additionally, the MMORPG has revealed that it plans to launch its Genesis Character NFT collection on ImmutableX in Q1 2023. The NFTs will carry perks such as early access to the alpha and beta releases, story mode gameplay, and more.

Moreover, Unicorn Labs has shared that it will soon reveal its allowlisting experience to selectively onboard quality players and contributors. Developers have planned to release its native token, ANIM, in Q2 this year, whereas the game’s full release will be in Q4 of 2024.

Adil Khan, the Co-Founder of Unicorn Labs, shared,

“I believe the pesky prerequisites to actually play most current Web3 games, including gas fees, additional crypto-specific know-how, and glacial transactions, have over-complicated the web3 gaming experience. We’re super excited to be partnering up with ImmutableX, a protocol with a very similar ethos as ours, to change this, and take gamers back to what truly matters — the pure and simple thrill of actual, engaging gameplay.”

What is Search for Animera?

Search for Animera…

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