Thursday, 23 March 2023


Exploring the possibilities of Web3 with super apps By Cointelegraph

Novatar NFT; Minting Begins, Plans for Virtual Growth

Some of the biggest players in Web2 are striving to create so-called “super apps,” eying the incredible potential growth that tapping into every kind of internet service would enable.

The concept of a super app is that a single company or provider offers access to every kind of service imaginable: payments, messages, gaming, shopping, savings, transportation, eating and more, all bundled into a single application. With such a comprehensive offering, super apps can grow to serve millions, perhaps even billions of users, serving as a veritable gold mine for the one who creates it. That’s because they can generate revenue in numerous ways, for example, through advertising, transaction fees and selling users’ data to third parties.

Web3 super apps rising

Win-win for Web3 users

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