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Market bottom may be near, according to Michael Burry. Here are 2 stocks that may have already bottomed – TipRanks Financial Blog

‘Big Short’ Michael Burry Pours Money Into These 2 Stocks — Here's Why They May Be Worth Buying

Savvy investors can win on their trades whether the market goes up or down, and no one knows this better than Michael Burry. Burry, whose successes in profiting from the financial crisis of 2008 were featured in the book and film The Big Short, has turned his eye to historical analogies, and is hinting at reasons for optimism in today’s environment following last week’s collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Referring back to the October bank panic of 1907, Burry notes certain similarities with today’s crisis. The 1907 panic was triggered by the collapse of a major regional bank, Knickerbocker, in New York, which expanded to hit two other regional institutions and then threatened to spread to the banking majors. But, Burry points out, the 1907 panic burned itself out quickly. The market hit bottom in just three weeks.

Describing the incident, Burry wrote, “In October 1907, Knickerbocker Trust failed due to risky bets, sparking a panic. Two others soon failed, and it spread. When a run began on a healthy Trust, JPMorgan made a stand. 3 weeks later the Panic resolved & markets bottomed. A stand was made this past weekend.”

It remains to be seen whether history will repeat itself. Meanwhile, the Wall Street analysts have pointed out two stocks that are already in the ‘buy’ zone. These are equities that have been flirting with their own bottom levels lately, but offer solid upside potential going forward. We ran them through the TipRanks database to see what makes them appealing investment choices right now.

Match Group (MTCH)

We’ll start with Match Group, a holding company in the online world, known as the parent firm for some of the internet’s most popular dating sites. Match’s subsidiaries include the eponymous, as well as names like Tinder and OKCupid. In the industry, Match is known for having introduced the now-ubiquitous ‘swipe’ feature to mobile dating apps, and the company now boasts that its brands are known world-wide, offered in 40 languages, and available for all dating demographic groups.

While Match can claim that Tinder, its largest brand, was the world’s top-grossing lifestyle and dating app in 2022, the company’s stock has still fallen in the past year. Over the last 12 months, shares in MTCH are down by 60%.

The share price decline has come at the same time that Match has seen revenues and earnings missing expectations. In the last reported quarter, 4Q22, the company had a top…

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