Wednesday, 31 May 2023


Splunk CEO, Zoetis CEO & Fortune Brands CEO 5/25/23

Goldman Sachs CEO, Ken Langone & A Market Lookback: The Top S&P Performers 7/18/22

The Dow fell while the S&P and Nasdaq rose and Jim Cramer is breaking down Nvidia’s quarter and guidance as the stock jumped 24% today, pulling the entire tech space higher. First, Splunk posted an earnings beat alongside a surprise profit yesterday and Cramer is getting a read on the quarter with CEO Gary Steele. Then, are there profits to be found in the pet care space? Cramer’s talking to Zoetis CEO Kristin Peck after the company’s investor day. Plus, Cramer’s sit-down with Fortune Brands CEO Nicholas Fink from CNBC’s CEO Council Summit. Mad Money Disclaimer

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