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XRP trading volumes surge as bullish sentiment prevails among traders By

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Monday witnessed a significant surge in trading volumes for , the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The digital asset saw a 40% increase in trading activity, with 1,364,786,025 units exchanged between buyers and sellers, equivalent to $681 million. Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, accounted for the majority of this activity with the XRP/USDT pair responsible for $105 million of the total volume.

Data from Coinglass suggests a bullish sentiment among traders. The futures long/short ratio, an indicator that reflects market sentiment, showed positive figures on Binance XRP/USDT accounts. The ratio stood at 3.17 in the past 24 hours, while among top trader positions on the exchange, it was 1.0978. These numbers collectively indicate a bullish trend on Binance, which currently is XRP’s largest market.

In terms of price action, XRP experienced a modest increase of 0.48% over the last day to reach $0.50. Despite trading within a narrow price range on Monday, analysts anticipate significant movement in the coming days due to periods of low volatility typically being short-lived in cryptocurrency markets.

Potential future movements include an upward trend that could see XRP surpassing the daily MA 200 at $0.513. If this occurs, it could trigger a rise towards $0.554 where resistance is expected. A successful break past these levels could potentially see XRP reaching up to $0.65.

Contrarily, if bears take control and a downward shift occurs, support is projected near the $0.46 level. These projections are based on current market trends and trading activity, emphasizing the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency markets.

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