Friday, 1 December 2023


XRP Faces Massive Resistance on Its Way Up By U.Today

Ripple Sells Millions of XRP as SEC Loses to Another Crypto Giant

© Reuters. XRP Faces Massive Resistance on Its Way Up

U.Today – has been making headlines with its recent price performance, but it’s not all smooth sailing for the digital asset. As of the latest data, is trading at approximately $0.5179, and it is running into some significant resistance levels that could potentially halt its upward momentum.

One of the most formidable barriers that is facing is the 200 exponential moving average (EMA), a widely-followed technical indicator that often acts as a strong resistance or support level. If XRP fails to break through this level, it could be pushed back to its local lows, creating a challenging environment for bullish investors.

Source: Adding to the complexity is the 50 EMA, another critical resistance level that could exert downward pressure on XRP’s price. The 50 EMA is often considered a shorter-term trend indicator, and its position above the current price suggests that XRP could experience further downside before any significant upward movement occurs.

Given the current market dynamics, these resistance levels are not to be taken lightly. They serve as crucial decision points for traders and could significantly influence the asset’s price in the short to medium term. A failure to break through these levels could trigger a sell-off, while successfully surpassing them could pave the way for a more extended rally.

Whales push PEPE down

The token has recently encountered a formidable roadblock. The token’s price is currently trading at $0.0000008, according to recent data. This downturn is largely attributed to increased whale activity on the PEPE network, which has led to a sell-off.

The token’s price chart reveals that it has hit a solid resistance level, reflected in the 50 EMA on a daily price chart. This is a critical point for any asset, and for PEPE, it could mean the beginning of a more extended downward trend if whales continue to sell their holdings.

Whale activity often has a significant impact on the price performance of tokens. In the case of PEPE, it appears that whales have started to take profits, leading to a decrease in the token’s price. This activity has created a roadblock for , making it difficult for the token to sustain any upward momentum.

The market dynamics suggest that if whales continue to offload their PEPE holdings, a long-term reversal for the token is unlikely. This could be detrimental for retail investors who might be looking for signs of a bullish run. The 50 EMA…

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