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3 entertainment jobs that don’t require artistic skill

3 entertainment jobs that don't require artistic skill

It is awards season, a time when film, TV and music lovers get to celebrate the art that meant the most to them the previous year. Big winners thus far include “The Bear,” “Succession” and “Oppenheimer.”

One great component of the awards is that in addition to those behind the mic or in front of the camera, they highlight contributors that don’t always get as much attention. In music this could be the engineers, for example. In film this could be the cinematographers or editors.

In fact, the arts are packed with jobs that people might not know about, and many don’t require any specific artistic talent.

“The arts are an ecosystem with a very diverse group of jobs that facilitate the creation and distribution of art,” says Bill Kramer, CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which puts on the Oscars. “There are many, many entry points.”

Here are three jobs in the arts that don’t necessarily require an artistic flair, including their requirements and median annual salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Electricians are needed in virtually every type of performing art such as theatre, dance and comedy.

“If you look at any film set, TV set, our ceremonies, the stage production — in just raw head count, the majority of the contributors to that production came into it through the trades,” says Adam Sharp, president and CEO of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which organizes the Daytime Emmys, the Sports Emmys, the News and Documentary Emmys and so on. Those trades include electricians.

If they “don’t do their job, we’re screwed,” says Heather A. Hitchens, president and CEO of the American Theatre Wing, which puts on the Tony Awards.  

Requirements: High school diploma, apprenticeship, state license

Median electrician salary: $60,240


Fundraisers come into play in various capacities in the arts world. Arts organizations raise money to put on various events like galas and festivals and to provide resources for artists, like spaces to work and perform in. Some organizations also raise money to provide grants for filmmakers, musicians, theatre makers, dancers and so on.

There are arts organizations based all over the country, especially ones focused on local performance. Try Googling terms like “arts organization fundraiser” or “arts organization position” and your state to see what opportunities might be available.

The role won’t necessarily be called fundraiser. Often it can fall under the category…

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