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Beach Energy stock upgraded at Citi on efficiency gains By

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On Monday, Beach Energy (OTC:) Ltd (ASX:BPT) (OTC: BEPTF (OTC:)) received an upgraded stock rating from Citi, moving from Neutral to Buy. The firm also increased its price target on the shares to AUD1.80, up from the previous target of AUD1.65. The upgrade was influenced by the positive outlook on the company’s future cash flow and operational efficiency under the leadership of the new CEO, Morné Engelbrecht, who took over the role in August 2021.

We expect in the coming months the company will announce an incremental free cash flow target from various efficiency gains across the organization, akin to the program WDS did in 2014 which the market rewarded,” said Citi analysts.

These efficiency gains are expected to come from reductions in stay-in-business (SIB) capital expenditures, field operating expenses, corporate restructuring, and reliability enhancements.

The financial institution has incorporated an estimated AUD85 million per annum in incremental free cash flow from the fiscal year 2026 into its model, which is a significant factor in the raised earnings forecasts for Beach Energy. This adjustment has led to an approximately 9% increase in the Risked Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation of the company’s shares.

Moreover, Citi noted that the Risked DCF valuation could see a further rise if long-term oil prices were to increase to $70 per barrel, up from the $60 per barrel currently factored into their analysis. The higher oil price scenario would potentially add an additional 9 cents per share to the valuation, underscoring the sensitivity of Beach Energy’s financials to fluctuations in the global oil market.

InvestingPro Insights

Following the upgraded stock rating by Citi for Beach Energy Ltd (OTC: BEPTF), current data from InvestingPro provides additional insights into the company’s financial health and market performance. With a Market Cap of approximately $2.55 billion USD and a P/E Ratio standing at a competitive 9.7, Beach Energy presents an interesting opportunity for investors. The company’s ability to maintain a consistent dividend payout for 22 years, as highlighted by one of the InvestingPro Tips, underscores its financial stability and commitment to shareholder returns.

InvestingPro Tips also reveal that Beach Energy operates with a moderate level of debt and has liquid assets surpassing its short-term obligations, which may contribute to the company’s operational efficiency and cash flow positivity mentioned…

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