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OTTAWA – KWESST Micro Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: KWE), a developer of tactical systems for military and security forces, announced its participation in an international event for special intervention units scheduled for this Spring. The company will present its public safety products, including non-lethal systems and situational awareness technologies, to more than 20 specialist teams from up to 38 countries.

The event, which is by invitation only, will feature demonstrations of KWESST’s new PARA OPS non-lethal system, the 40mm ARWEN cartridge designed for riot control and tactical teams, as well as the Lightning and T-SAS systems. These systems aim to enhance coordination and response during critical incidents by providing real-time shared situational awareness among officers and commanders.

Sean Homuth, President and CEO of KWESST, expressed that the company is experiencing increased interest from public safety agencies looking to improve their capabilities for handling public unrest and terrorist activities while ensuring the safety of their officers.

The PARA OPS system, patented by KWESST, is highlighted as a breakthrough “low energy cartridge” technology offering a non-lethal solution for various situations. Meanwhile, the 40mm ARWEN cartridge is noted for its performance in de-escalating violent scenarios and apprehending suspects.

Additionally, KWESST’s Lightning Software as a Service (SaaS) and T-SAS (Tactical Surveillance and Sniper) system, already ordered by a G7 capital city, will be introduced later this year. These systems facilitate instant video intelligence sharing, enabling faster and more effective incident response.

KWESST, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, specializes in the digitization of tactical forces, countermeasures against electronic detection, lasers, and drones, and integrates with battlefield management systems and OEM products. The company has also developed a proprietary non-lethal product line, PARA OPS, targeting the law enforcement market.

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