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Volkswagen leads in post-game ad traffic surge By

Volkswagen leads in post-game ad traffic surge

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CHICAGO – In the aftermath of last night’s Big Game, automotive giants Volkswagen (ETR:), Kia, Toyota (NYSE:), and BMW (ETR:) reaped the benefits of their prime-time advertising efforts with a substantial boost in consumer interest on (NYSE: CARS). Volkswagen’s “An American Love Story” commercial topped the charts with a 394% surge in traffic to its pages on the site.

The advertising showdown during one of the most-watched sporting events of the year proved fruitful for the automakers, with each experiencing a notable triple-digit increase in traffic on Kia followed Volkswagen with a 265% increase, attributed to its “Perfect 10” ad, while Toyota and BMW saw a 223% and 158% rise, respectively, after showcasing their latest models in the high-stakes advertising slots.’s analysis revealed that not only did overall brand pages see traffic spikes, but specific vehicle models featured in the commercials also drew heightened interest. The all-new Kia EV9 electric SUV led with a staggering 2,497% traffic increase post-advertisement. Similarly, Volkswagen’s classic Microbuses and Beetles, which played a central role in their ad, experienced traffic boosts of 4,020% and 1,307%, respectively. Toyota’s New Tacoma pickup and BMW’s New 5 Series also enjoyed significant attention with traffic increases of 1,223% and 1,008% after their ads aired.

The site traffic patterns were measured during the eight minutes before and after each commercial aired, providing a clear picture of the immediate impact of the advertisements on consumer behavior. Jennifer Vianello, the chief marketing officer at, highlighted the Big Game as a massive opportunity for brands to engage viewers and drive action, with the platform offering a trusted and unbiased destination for car shopping and research., established in 1998 and based in Chicago, serves nearly 30 million in-market consumers monthly, positioning itself as a top destination for automotive marketplace needs.

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