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WTW forms co-brokerage with Solomon Agency By

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NEW YORK – WTW (NASDAQ: WTW), a global advisory, broking, and solutions firm, has entered into a co-brokerage arrangement with Solomon Agency Corporation, aiming to enhance insurance brokerage and risk management services for North American exposures of companies headquartered in South Korea and Vietnam. The partnership, announced today, leverages WTW’s Asia Risk Division’s expertise and market relationships to benefit Solomon Agency’s Asian clientele.

The collaboration is set to deliver customized insurance solutions and optimal risk transfer services to meet the specific needs of clients operating in the Asia Pacific region. The agreement aligns the value of WTW’s North American Industry Vertical Divisions with Solomon Agency’s brokerage team, intending to provide industry knowledge and support for risk management challenges faced by companies in South Korea, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia.

Chris Condello, Head of the Asia Risk Division at WTW’s Corporate Risk & Broking (CRB) North America, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the combined experience and market relationships of both firms as key to delivering top-tier insurance programs to Asian clients. Michael Chang, Head of CRB North America at WTW, also emphasized the strategic importance of the alliance in bolstering WTW’s growth strategy in Asia.

The co-brokerage agreement is a continuation of WTW’s commitment to the Asian market within the US marketplace, following the establishment of its Asia Risk Division in July of 2023. This move aims to bring North American industry expertise to Solomon Agency’s Asian client base and underscores WTW’s investment in expanding its Asian operations.

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As WTW (NASDAQ: WTW) fortifies its presence in the Asia Pacific region through strategic partnerships, the company’s financial health remains a critical factor for investors monitoring its growth trajectory. WTW’s market capitalization stands robust at $27.88 billion, reflective of its significant standing in the advisory and broking industry. With a P/E ratio of 27, investors are valuing the company’s earnings highly, which, when adjusted for the last twelve months as of Q4 2023, presents a more tempered P/E ratio of 19.7. This adjustment aligns with the company’s recent performance, including a gross profit of $4.139 billion and a solid operating income margin of 19.18%.

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