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MINNEAPOLIS – Polaris (NYSE:) Commercial, a division of Polaris Inc. (NYSE:PII), announced the launch of its all-new Pro XD Kinetic, a full-size electric utility vehicle (UTV) designed for heavy-duty applications and jobsites. The company, known for its power sports and off-road innovation, is expanding its commercial UTV lineup with a focus on sustainability and operational efficiency.

The Pro XD Kinetic is engineered to handle tough duty cycles and enable all-day operation without exhaust emissions. It features an all-electric powertrain developed through a partnership with Zero Motorcycles®, offering comparable cargo and towing capacities to its gas and diesel counterparts. With a 1,250 lbs cargo and 2,500 lbs towing capacity, the vehicle provides instantaneous torque and precise handling while requiring less maintenance, contributing to increased vehicle uptime.

Polaris emphasizes that the electric UTV’s maintenance costs are about 60 percent less than those of similar gas-powered vehicles over a five-year period. The Pro XD Kinetic’s Lithium-Ion battery is designed to last the vehicle’s lifetime and comes with a five-year warranty from Polaris Commercial.

Safety remains a priority for the Pro XD line, with the new electric model featuring standard safety elements like orange seatbelts, vehicle decals, and optional lighting accessories to improve visibility. The vehicle’s top speed can be calibrated between 5-40 mph to comply with jobsite regulations, with many customers opting for a 25 mph limit.

Built to endure, the Pro XD Kinetic includes heavy-duty components and a rust-resistant poly bed. The electric motor and 14.9 kWh Lithium-Ion battery deliver robust performance, with up to 45 miles of range on a single charge and an estimated five-year fuel savings of $2,800 compared to the gas-powered Pro XD.

Charging the Pro XD Kinetic doesn’t require specialized infrastructure, as it can be charged via a standard wall outlet or a generator.

This news is based on a press release statement from Polaris Inc.

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