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BRT Apartments Corp. senior VP Matthew Gould buys $284k in stock By

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In a recent transaction, Matthew J. Gould, Senior Vice President of BRT Apartments Corp. (NYSE:BRT), purchased shares of the company’s common stock valued at approximately $284,435. The transactions occurred over two separate days, with prices ranging between $16.4867 and $16.7326 per share.

On the first day, Gould acquired 4,770 shares at $16.4867 each. The following day, he added 12,299 shares to his holdings at a slightly higher price of $16.7326 per share. These purchases demonstrate a continued investment by Gould in the company, with the transactions being part of the normal course of insider activity reported by publicly traded companies.

Matthew Gould’s role as a trustee and officer in various entities associated with BRT Apartments Corp. is reflected in the various indirect holdings reported. The Gould Family Trust, Gould Shenfeld Family Foundation, BRT Apartments Corp. Pension Trust, and 130 Store Company LLC are among the entities listed in the filing, which indicates Gould’s broad involvement with the company’s stock through different capacities. It is noted that Gould disclaims beneficial ownership of the securities held by 130 Store Company LLC to the extent of his non-pecuniary interest.

The reported transactions are part of the normal disclosure of stock acquisitions and disposals by company insiders. BRT Apartments Corp. has not provided any additional comments on the transactions beyond the filing itself. Investors and the market often monitor such insider transactions for insights into executive confidence and potential future performance of the company’s stock.

InvestingPro Insights

Following the insider share purchases by Matthew J. Gould, Senior Vice President of BRT Apartments Corp., investors may find additional context in the company’s current financial metrics and market performance. According to real-time data from InvestingPro, BRT Apartments Corp. has a market capitalization of 327.59 million USD, indicating its size within the real estate investment trust sector. The P/E ratio, a measure of the company’s current share price relative to its per-share earnings, stands at a high 103.37, suggesting a premium valuation by the market.

Despite what might seem like a lofty earnings multiple, BRT Apartments Corp. has consistently rewarded its shareholders, raising its dividend for 7 consecutive years—a testament to its commitment to returning value to investors. This is complemented by a substantial dividend yield of 6.13%, as of…

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