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Taylor Swift and Sam Altman net worth see them join billionaire’s list

Taylor Swift and Sam Altman net worth see them join billionaire's list

More than 260 new names have made it onto the list of the world’s billionaires, Forbes has revealed, with Taylor Swift and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman making an appearance for the first time.

The new rankings also confirmed Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again lagged behind luxury goods titan Bernard Arnault in the race for the richest person on earth.

The 75-year-old French kingpin Arnault, who oversees fashion empire LVMH with a net worth of $233 billion, led the record-breaking pack of 2,781 billionaires—more than ever before.

Moreover, the report found that 14 people are now centibillionaires with 12-figure fortunes.

Who are the world’s richest people?

Behind Arnault and X owner Musk—who has a fortune of $195 billion—are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ($194 billion), Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg ($177 billion) and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison ($141 billion).

Further down the top ten are Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett ($133 billion), Microsoft duo Bill Gates ($128 billion) and Steve Ballmer ($121 billion), Asia’s richest person Mukesh Ambani ($116 billion) and Google founder Larry Page ($114 billion.)

And while the forerunners are made up of well-known faces a host of new individuals also made it onto the list.

Swift’s Eras Tour propelled her to a net worth of $1.1 billion, while OpenAI’s CEO Altman also appeared courtesy of $1 billion in wealth.

Altman’s wealth isn’t made up of a stake in the company he runs—he has repeatedly said that he does not own equity in the company.

Rather, much of his traceable wealth is in a web of VC funds and startup investments, which is set to grow with the initial public offering of Reddit, where he’s among the largest shareholders. 

The list’s youngest name—and appearing for the first time—is 19-year-old heiress Livia Voigt, who has inherited a $1.1 billion fortune courtesy of stakes in Brazilian wind manufacturer WEG, which was founded by her grandfather.

And despite a reported slowdown in luxury goods sales, fashion designer Christian Louboutin made it into the rankings with a net wealth of $1.2 billion.

America prevailed as home to the world’s richest people, boasting a record 813 individuals with a combined wealth of $5.7 trillion.

Coming second is China and Hong Kong with 473 individuals worth $1.7 trillion.

India ranks third with $954 billion across 200 individuals on the list.

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