Thursday, 18 April 2024

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As AI accelerates, 100 Best Companies prove the rising value of employee trust

As AI accelerates, 100 Best Companies prove the rising value of employee trust

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Like a lot of leaders, I spend most of my time looking forward, with very few exceptions.

I read pieces like Marc Andreessen’s Manifesto, and I hope his vision of abundance is the same as mine. I want a world that provides his vision of abundance for all, not abundance for some.

When some say, “Well there will always be winners and losers,” I say, “Then this AI thing isn’t as great as I thought it could be.” We live in a largely zero-sum world with our current intelligence, and we don’t need anything artificial to add more value here.

I’m focused on the future, and without question, the future of work is fueled by generative AI. Purpose-driven companies will ensure that AI is used to solve the complex problems that come from assuring all stakeholders thrive in this new machine-architected capitalism.

Silly human biases will create biased and discriminatory constraints and the algorithms will yield suboptimal “optimal solutions.” The solutions will be optimal for a few stakeholders (certainly shareholders), while being suboptimal for everyone else, like employees, communities, and the environment. Just like today, where every workplace in the world is a great place to work for some, but creates more inequity and income inequality for others.

When a workplace is a great place to work for all, all stakeholders will benefit from AI abundance. Workers will be supplemented with AI while jobs are being created and eliminated by AI. During any downtime, workers will get AI training, and/or be busy solving complex educational or environmental problems in their communities. This is how great companies will operate.

While this AI revolution is important for leaders, importance doesn’t equal confidence. Most admit they don’t feel equipped to lead their people through the AI revolution.

Revolution isn’t hyperbole. AI will radically transform how we work, and change brings fear. People are worried about losing their jobs, and whether or not their company will use new technology responsibly and ethically.

Responsibility to quell those fears sits on the shoulders of every leader. Every leader will need to transform to become the Jim Collins level five “executive” that we call the “For All Leader” at Great Place To Work®.

Employees need to have confidence in their executives before they can trust their use of AI, embrace its potential, and lean in and give extra to solve complex problems.

It’s why I’m…

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