Tuesday, 25 June 2024


Danimer shares target cut by TD Cowen, maintain buy rating By Investing.com

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On Thursday, TD Cowen adjusted its outlook on Danimer Scientific (NYSE: DNMR), reducing the price target to $2.00 from the previous $3.00, while maintaining a Buy rating on the stock. The adjustment follows the company’s financial results, which aligned with market expectations set by an earlier pre-announcement.

Danimer Scientific has seen a rise in customer activity, although the analyst noted that the conversion process for these engagements could span several years. The firm remains positive about Danimer’s future growth, particularly in the second half of 2024, which is expected to benefit from the commencement of a cutlery award.

Despite this optimism, the guidance for 2024 was reported to be softer than anticipated. The analyst anticipates that Danimer’s stock will likely remain range-bound in the short term. The expectation is that the stock’s value will begin to reflect the high volumes once they start to materialize.

InvestingPro Insights

As Danimer Scientific (NYSE: DNMR) navigates through its growth phase, the latest data from InvestingPro reflects some of the challenges and potential that analysts are monitoring. With a market capitalization of $121.1 million, the company operates with a significant debt burden and is quickly burning through cash, which aligns with the analyst’s cautious short-term outlook for the stock. Despite these hurdles, analysts anticipate sales growth in the current year, suggesting an underlying confidence in Danimer’s business model and market opportunities.

InvestingPro Tips indicate that the stock price has been quite volatile, and the company’s stock has fared poorly over the last month, with a 25.35% drop. This volatility may be attributed to the company’s weak gross profit margins, as evidenced by a gross profit margin of -52.09% for the last twelve months as of Q4 2023. Additionally, the stock’s price has fallen significantly over the last year, with a 75.69% decrease in the 1-year price total return, which may concern investors looking for stability.

For those considering an investment in Danimer Scientific, these insights could be crucial in making an informed decision. For a deeper dive into the company’s financials and to discover additional InvestingPro Tips, investors can explore the full suite of analysis tools available on InvestingPro. There are 12 more tips available, which can be accessed by using the coupon code PRONEWS24 to get an additional 10% off a yearly or biyearly Pro and Pro+…

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