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HONG KONG – In a groundbreaking move, Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) has announced the appointment of an artificial intelligence digital person, “Aileen,” to the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO).

This innovative step, revealed today, leverages the company’s extensive experience in gaming technology and the application of advanced third-party AI.

Developed by Blue Hat, Aileen combines realistic digital imagery with sophisticated language interaction capabilities. The AI’s appearance and movements are the result of high-precision modeling and animation technology derived from the company’s gaming expertise.

Aileen’s ability to understand and respond to complex language patterns is powered by leading third-party AI technology, fine-tuned using Blue Hat’s internal database.

As CIO, Aileen’s responsibilities will include gathering industry information to support the company’s strategic decisions. Additionally, Aileen is set to engage with investors and media online via the company’s official website, providing insights into Blue Hat’s development strategies.

CEO of BHAT, Mr. Chen Xiaodong, emphasized the significance of AI in corporate decision-making and operations, suggesting that small and medium-sized enterprises adept at leveraging AI could also become major players in the industry. He expressed confidence that Aileen will enhance the company’s service offerings and decision-making processes.

This initiative marks an important milestone for BHAT in the realm of AI application services. The company is actively transitioning into this domain, with expectations that the AI-powered CIO will contribute significantly to its future growth and service improvement.

The introduction of Aileen as CIO is based on a press release statement from Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology.

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Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) has made headlines with its bold move to appoint an AI digital person as CIO, signaling its commitment to integrating advanced technology into its strategic operations. As the company forges ahead with this innovation, it’s insightful to consider the current financial health and market performance of BHAT through the lens of InvestingPro data and tips.

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