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Trump win puts E. Jean Carroll’s $83.3 million payout at risk, attorney warns.

Trump win puts E. Jean Carroll's $83.3 million payout at risk, attorney warns.

Star attorney Roberta Kaplan says “a lot of smart people in the world” are worried about potential loss of democracy if Donald Trump wins the presidential election in November.

Kaplan, who successfully represented Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll earlier this year, is also known for arguing for same-sex marriage in front of the Supreme Court. Fortune’s Emma Hinchliffe interviewed Kaplan and Carroll at a Most Powerful Women dinner in New York on May 14.

Another Trump presidency could threaten Carroll’s $83.3 million defamation payout, Kaplan said, adding that there would be far-reaching implications for the judicial system and economy.

Watch the full video interview above, or read below for a full transcript of the conversation.

Emma Hinchliffe: So it’s been almost four months since you won $83 million. It’s been just a few weeks since the judge denied his request for a new trial. So how are you feeling?

E. Jean Carroll: I feel fabulous. I feel very, very lucky to be here tonight. We’re all very lucky to be even on this earth. That we’re alive. We have one life. And I’m glad that I met Robbie Kaplan at the end of mine. I’m eighty–

Roberta A. Kaplan: It’s not the end! 

Carroll: But I’m overwhelmed every day, every day with happiness just for being alive and knowing this woman, swear to God. 

Hinchliffe: That’s beautiful. So of course, Trump has many other civil and criminal cases swirling around him. So far, you guys are the only ones who have successfully held into account in court twice. So what made your cases so strong?

Kaplan: Well, you just heard from her. What made our case so strong was the amazing, incredible, unbelievably courageous E. Jean Carroll, who had the guts to face him down twice–the second time eye-to-eye in person, and tell a story that no one thought anyone would believe until we got 18 different jurors who believed it unanimously, twice. That’s the reason. There’s a big difference in the world, in my view at least, between kind of what’s out there in the media, and what’s out there on social media and the internet, and what happens in a courtroom. It takes a long time in court. It’s really kind of a pain in the tush in a whole bunch of ways. But the rules that apply in a courtroom, the rules of evidence, and the juries and a judge who was amazing, Judge Kaplan, no relation, really, I think do an incredible job of bringing out the truth. And if only Donald Trump…

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