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Accenture invests in AI-driven biopharma firm Turbine By

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NEW YORK – Accenture (NYSE: NYSE:) has announced a strategic investment through its venture arm, Accenture Ventures, into Turbine, a company specializing in predictive simulation for interpreting human biology. This move aims to bolster Turbine’s efforts to extend its capabilities to the global biopharma industry, potentially accelerating drug development processes.

Turbine’s flagship technology, the Simulated Cell™ platform, employs machine learning to simulate molecular interactions within human cells, allowing for a volume of virtual experiments that far surpasses what is feasible in real-world laboratories. These simulations have the potential to uncover mechanisms behind diseases and responses to therapies that might otherwise remain undiscovered.

Tom Lounibos, global lead of Accenture Ventures, highlighted the importance of advanced technology and digital capabilities as differentiators in the biopharma sector. He noted that Turbine’s AI-based platform has shown promise in delivering valuable biological insights to clients in the biopharma industry.

The platform is currently undergoing validation with leading pharmaceutical companies to identify promising drug targets, select patient populations for therapy, and determine combination therapy regimens. The goal is to reveal treatments and potential drugs that may not be evident through traditional methods and to avoid those likely to fail in clinical trials.

Petra Jantzer, Ph.D., and global lead of the Accenture Life Sciences business, emphasized the significance of the investment, stating that it underscores Accenture’s commitment to fostering innovation in AI-based drug discovery, ultimately aiming to enhance patient care with more effective treatments.

Szabolcs Nagy, co-founder and CEO of Turbine, expressed enthusiasm for leveraging Accenture’s expertise to expand their market reach and enhance their simulation platform. He pointed out that Turbine’s technology could represent the heterogeneity of complex human diseases more accurately than existing experimental models.

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Turbine has become the latest addition to Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, a program designed to support startups with disruptive enterprise technologies through access to Accenture’s domain expertise and client base.

While the specific terms of the investment were not disclosed, the partnership between Accenture and Turbine is…

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